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Hereke Silk Carpet


First carpet works has been done at Hereke handloom factory, by the carpet craftsmen brought up from Gördes, Demirci and Sivas. These craftsmen taught this craft in villages nearby and carpet looming became populer very quickly. Palace carpets and valuable carpets to be presented to foreign politicians has started to be loomed here. Especially after 1943, there has been a revival in Hereke carpet business. At first, Gördes and Demirci style carpets were loomed only, afterwards there were authentic patterns designed by the influence of Uşak, Gördes, Bergama and Palace carpets.

Hereke is most famous of its silk carpets. Carpets loomed out of Bursa silk, have always been very popular and easily sold in both domestic and foreign trade markets. Silk Hereke carpets contain an average of 100 nods per centimeter square. In some very rare and valuable carpets, this average is over 400. These carpets are mostly rose, carnation, tulip, plum tree themed. Some carpets have different compositions, such as inscription using old letters written in frames, or animal patterns hidden in flower themes.

Hereke carpets have different names according to their sizes, such as small pillow (25×40 cm), pillow (60×90 cm), prayer rugs (Seccade) (120×180 cm), bed cover (150×225 cm), and head (200×300 cm).