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Ayyıldız Ipek Tic. ve San. Ltd. Sti.


AYYILDIZ IPEK is one of the leading companies in silk and silk carpet industry. With the help of over fifty years of experience, focused especially on Hereke Silk Carpets and managed to keep growing till today.

AYYILDIZ IPEK combining years of experience and world class production quality, has earned itself a decent place in the current market, and currently providing customer focused production and services. Customer satisfaction is our most important principle.

AYYILDIZ IPEK believes that the Turkish customer also deserves the Eueopean customer rights, therfor it is increasing after sales service quality accordingly. As a company which produces carpets using models and colours in line with Hereke Silk Carpets, AYYILDIZ IPEK can also produce new, pre-ordered patterns, so that it is a leading company that determines the current silk carpet fashion trend.

AYYILDIZ IPEK, which is founded by Mustafa AYYILDIZ in hereke 1994, has been a quality carpet production company these days, providing silk for itself and other producer’s silk demand with its 600 m2 indoors-spinning house and with its 24/7 active handlooms.

AYYILDIZ IPEK is now an in demand company in the World for its self sufficient silk carpet production, starting with the silkworm culture and finishes in its own looms as %100 silk and handloom carpets.